USA Surfing

How does an ESA competitor qualify for the 2021 USA Surfing Championships?


ESA competitors in Shortboard divisions who are under 18 years of age as of January 1, 2021 typically qualify for the 2021 USA Surfing Championships through the 2020-2021 USA Surfing Prime Series. For 2021 only, a very limited number of slots may also be available for Girls U12, Girls U14 and Boys U12 directly through the 2021 ESA Regionals. For 2021 only, there will also be 2 additional slots available in Boys U14, Boys U16, Boys U18, Girls U16 and Girls U18 for ESA Competitors based on ESA 2021 Regional Rankings.


ESA competitors in all other divisions (All 18 and Over Shortboard divisions and all Longboard and SUP divisions) may qualify for the 2021 USA Surfing Championships directly through the ESA. We will use the 2021 ESA Regionals results to rank competitors in these divisions for the 2021 USA Surfing Championships.


If you are interested in competing in the 2021 USA Surfing Championships, please send an email to USA Surfing requesting an invitation. Include your name, birthdate, email address, phone number and what divisions you are interested in entering. If you have met the 2021 ESA Regionals requirement and a slot is available, you will receive an invitation/entry form by email from USA Surfing.


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