2020 ESA All-Star Team Inducted at Surf Expo

2020 ESA All-Star Team on stage at Surf Expo.

The Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) is proud to announce its 2020 ESA All-Star Team who was inducted at the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida last week.

Team members from all over the East Coast, including the Gulf Coast of Florida, were showcased on stage at the surf industry’s biggest trade show of the year, as well as acknowledged in the East Coast Surfing Hall of Fame’s ceremony.

“The ESA All-Star Team represents some of the best amateur surfers from the organization,” said Michelle Sommers, ESA’s executive director.  “They were chosen based on several factors which included their surfing achievements, sportsmanship and dedication to represent the ESA.”

While the ESA All-Star Team consists of members age 14-17, the ESA Developmental Team is for those future All-Stars who are 13 and under.  Coach Jason Motes and the ESA All-Star Team Committee saw that creating the team atmosphere at the younger ages proved beneficial for better sportsmanship and skill coaching.

On Thursday, Coach Motes and Charley Hajek worked with the team members at Ponce Inlet for a day of surfing, coaching and team building.

2020 ESA All-Star Team together at Ponce Inlet with Coach Motes and Gnarly Charley

“It was a great day for team members to come together and get to know each other,” said Motes.  “Friendships were made and expectations were set for the team to have an exciting year together.”

Several All-Star Team members had the opportunity to surf with WSL CT competitor Caio Ibelli, who joined them at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon.

“Not only (is the ESA) creating good athletes, but (also) helping them become good humans,” said Ibelli to Coach Motes following his time with the All-Star Team members.  “East Coast groms rule!”

NPI Productions compiled submitted personal video and photos to create an amazing video to introduce the entire team.

The 2020 ESA All-Star Team consists of:

Brennan, Miller

Burger, Carl

Cameron, Kaiden

Coble, Carly

Collins, Tucker

Deveney, Cole (Mentor)

Gallagher, Mia

Gardella, Nicholas

Hulsart, Jesse

Iglay, Audrey

Iglay, Morgan (Mentor)

Knoechel, Grace

Lavender, Madison

Madden, Jack

Mott, Mason

Olsen, Amber

Remahl, Kendrick

Remke, Abigail (Mentor)

Sewell, Katelyn

Viorel, Gabby

Weinrich, Kaylin

Wong, Kanoa

Wood, Landon

The 2020 ESA All-Star Developmental Team consists of:

Avallone, Noah

Chan, Beau

Deane, Will

Gallagher, Brynn

Hoover, Camden

Iglay, Seton

Jewell, Cooper

Landry, Mack

Lavender, Ava

McCart, Beckham

McCart, Daya

Mons, Lanea

Musilunas, Mako

Nichols, Mikaela

Obliner, Evan

Pelliccia, Palladin

Radd, Logan

Rosen, Niyah

Snead, Gunner

Starr, Zach

Stoyanoff, Cose

Viorel, Finn

Wittemann, Teddy

Yates, Abbie

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