2021 ESA All-Stars Inducted

ESA All-Star Team coach Jason Motes and ESA Executive Director Michelle Sommers introduced the incoming ESA All-Star Team live online during an ESA “Talking Story” episode on Tuesday, January 19.

Viewers were treated to highlight videos from the 2020 ESA All-Star Team, followed by Motes introducing each team member by telling why they were chosen for the 2021 team.  NPI Productions produced another great compilation video of photos and videos that were submitted by the team members that was shown after all the team members were announced.

2020 ESA All-Star Team members were invited to return, as long as they were in good standing, to the 2021 team, and several new team members were introduced.

“We were unable to offer all the benefits that we wanted to for the 2020 team due to COVID, so it made sense to bring them all back for another year,” said Sommers.  “These kids had to deal with many disappointments in 2020 so giving them another opportunity on the ESA All-Star Team was something the entire ESA All-Star Team Committee approved.”

Several of the older team members will be traveling to Hawaii in February for the team’s annual Hawaii training trip.

“We have another great trip planned for the team, and a lot of support from our Hawaii family,” said Sommers.  “In addition to training with Tamayo Perry, Shane Beschen and Kid Peligro, team members will also participate in several coaching sessions with world-famous surf coach Chris Gallagher.”

“These Hawaii training trips are opportunities of a lifetime for our ESA All-Stars,” adds Motes.  “These trips offer so much these kids, and we cannot wait to get them out there to push themselves and learn from the best.”

2021 ESA All-Star Team:

Zach Starr VB

Abbie Yates CFL

Ty Jansen NFL

Miller Brennan NY

Mia Gallagher SNJ

Gavin Idone CFL

Kai Sommers DMV

Chloe Wienert OBNC

Carly Coble CNJ

Audrey Iglay CNJ

Nic Gardella CNJ

Jack Madden NNE

Noah Avallone NY

Kaylin Weinrich PBFL

Tucker Collins SNJ

Krista Grace Hammel NSC

Grace Knoechel NFL

Jesse Hulsart CNJ

Emma Binder CFL

William Forrest OBNC

Landon Wood NFL

Kendrick Remahl SNC

Mason Mott NFL

Kiley Kaiser NY


2021 ESA Developmental All-Stars (under 14 years old):

Athan Robertson NFL

Cash Nipper  NCFL

Gus Hultgren NCFL

Ian Honda PBFL

Sofia Gamboa PBFL

DC Lewis CFL

Gavin Bren DMV

Everett Nipper NCFL

Carlie Eastwood NCFL

Teddy Wittemen CFL

Seton Iglay CNJ

Lanea Mons NFL

Cose Stoyanoff  VB

Finn Viorel SNC

Ava Lavender NCFL

Brynn Gallagher SNJ

Kyan O’Rourke NFL

Sunny Barton VB

Mikaela Nichols FCFL

Gunner Snead NFL

Mako Musilunas NSC

Beau Chan NY

Coach – Jason Motes

Mentor – Josh Motes

Team “Mom” – Krissy Torelli

All-Star Team Committee – Coach Motes, Krissy Torelli, Pam Hill, Lenny Nichols, Lisa Roselli, Michelle Sommers

2021 ESA All-Star Introduction Video by NPI Productions


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