ESA All-Star Ladies Charge the North Shore

ESA All-Star Gabby Viorel charging the North Shore. Photo: Krissy Torelli

The Eastern Surfing Association’s All-Star Team has been on the North Shore of Oahu for two weeks offering its team members a training trip that they will never forget.

The ESA All-Star women arrived last week following the amazing time that the boys had in Hawaii. Along with a coaching session with Shane Beschen, the girls had the opportunity to paddle into waves that may have been a bit out of their comfort zone alongside Tamayo Perry of Oahu’s Surfing Experience.

“Hawaii is the ultimate proving ground for surfers, which is why the ESA chooses to bring its All-Stars here each winter,” said Michelle Sommers, the ESA’s executive director. “It’s great to watch these young adults push themselves beyond what they are comfortable in and exit the water with tremendous pride.”

Kelly Slater, who was once an ESA All-Star, paddled out with the ESA All-Star boys, and came to the beach to meet the ESA All-Star girls on their final day on the North Shore. Photo: Kristin Gallagher

“I am so proud of what all of these kids accomplished while we were in Hawaii,” said ESA All-Star coach Jason Motes. “They experienced some of the best, most challenging surf, and stepped up to perform incredibly well.”

Motes has been coaching the All-Star Team officially since 2018 and has proven that he is offering exactly what these East Coast competitors need to perform at their peak.

“Jason makes sure that the All-Stars who travel to Hawaii with the ESA have an experience of a lifetime,” said Sommers. “He has been a tremendous asset to the entire ESA organization.

In addition to surfing with Beschen and Perry, the All-Stars also worked with Kid Peligro of Sunset Beach Jiu-Jitsu to learn how they can improve their land training sessions.

Tamayo Perry helps 11-year-old ESA All-Star Lanea Mons into one of the biggest waves of her life. Photo: Terry Reis – Surf Shooter Hawaii

Other activities included tours of the Rip Curl and Volcom houses, surfing with Kelly Slater and multiple surf sessions at famous breaks along the North Shore, including Pipeline, Sunset, Velzyland and Rocky Point. Beschen and Motes even surprised the girls with a visit from Noah Beschen on their final evening.

“I had the time of my life this week,” said ESA All-Star Mia Gallagher. “I made so many new friendships that will last a lifetime and learned so much. I am so thankful for everyone who made this possible.”

“This week on the North Shore with the ESA All-Stars has been the best,” said ESA All-Star mentor Abigail Remke. “Between surfing amazing waves, working with and meeting multiple pros, and building friendships, I will always remember this 2020 trip.”

ESA All-Star Lanea Mons riding the wave that Perry gave her the opportunity to get into. Photo: Terry Reis – Surf Shooter Hawaii

“This year’s trip to Hawaii was absolutely incredible,” added Motes. “The bonds and friendships that were made will last forever for these kids. I am so blessed to be able to work and surf with these awesome young humans, and I cannot wait until next year.”

Photos and video of the entire ESA All-Star Hawaii trip may be found on the ESA and ESA All-Star Facebook and Instagram social media pages.

The ESA wants to thank everyone who made this trip possible, especially the North Shore community.

Special thanks to:

  • Jason Motes
  • Krissy Torelli
  • Chad- & Kristin Gallagher
  • Michelle Sommers
  • Terry Reis (Surf Shooter Hawaii)
  • Shane & Noah Beschen
  • Kelly Slater & Kalani Miller
  • Scott & Dawn Harris
  • Volcom House
  • Kelly Echols
  • Hawaii News Now & Guy Hagi
  • Rip Curl
  • Savage Surfboards
  • Indojax Surf Charities
  • Tamayo & Emilia Perry (Oahu Surfing Experience)

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