ESA All-Stars Charge Massive Sunset

14-year-old ESA All-Star Nic Gardella paddled for nearly 3 hours waiting for this amazing wave that Tamayo Perry pushed him into. Photo: Krissy Torelli

The Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) All-Star boys had a surfing experience of a lifetime on Tuesday as they paddled out into a building NW swell at Sunset on Oahu’s North Shore. Tamayo Perry, who is a North Shore lifeguard, Pipeline legend and runs Oahu Surfing Experience along with his wife Emilia, guided the All-Star boys out into a massive swell to surf the biggest waves of their lives.

“Sunset went from six-feet (Hawaiian), fun conditions to absolutely massive in a couple hours on Tuesday morning,” said ESA All-Star coach Jason Motes. “While the boys were out there, conditions became crazy with white-out sets breaking across the channel from Sunset to Kammies. I was nervous watching these young men surf waves that size.”

Perry not only kept the boys safe in the water, but positioned each of them into waves that they will never forget. ESA directors Krissy Torelli and Todd Starr were there to capture it all in photos and videos, respectively.

ESA All-Star Kanoa Wong riding a fun one at Sunset after being coached into by Tamayo Perry of Oahu Surfing Experience. Photo: Krissy Torelli

ESA All-Stars Cole Deveney, Tucker Collins, Nic Gardella, Kanoa Wong, Landon Wood, Kendrick Remahl and Jesse Hulsart proved that East Coast surfers can handle big waves with the right instruction and guidance.

New Jersey All-Star Gardella, who is in his first year as an ESA All-Star and first trip to Hawaii, asked if he could simply paddle out to experience sitting in the ocean during the huge swell. After watching for hours, a wave rolled-in directly to where he was. Hesitant about taking it, he looked to Perry for reassurance.

“Initially, I wasn’t going to take that wave,” said Gardella. “Once I heard Tamayo telling me to go and gave me a push, I knew I had no choice. It didn’t take long before I realized I was riding the best waves of my life!”

ESA All-Star Collins, who worked with Perry last year as well, dropped in on a few huge set waves during his session at Sunset while the swell was rising.

ESA All-Star Tucker Collins surfed massive waves at Sunset during a training session with Tamayo Perry. Photo: Kirssy Torelli

“Paddling out with Tamayo was a huge confidence boost, and he helped me feel comfortable in those conditions,” said Collins. “I had a blast, and was able to catch some of the biggest bombs I have ever ridden!”

“I love working with the ESA groms,” said Perry. “Their minds are wide open, eager to learn and ready to apply into action every bit of knowledge obtained.

The ESA All-Stars are taught more than just surfing while in Hawaii. Lessons in etiquette, ocean safety, respect and other valuable information is passed along to the East Coast champion surfers.

“The boys had manners, etiquette and style,” added Perry. “These young men really stepped up their game by leaps and bounds charging to an insane level. Good stuff boys!”

For all the photos, check out the ESA All-Stars Facebook page.

The ESA All-Star ladies are in Hawaii now for their week-long experience, which also includes working with Perry.

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