ESA All-Stars Charge the North Shore

Maddie Franz charged big Sunset while being coached by Tamayo Perry. PC: Cliff Franz

March 4, 2018 – The ESA All-Star Team wrapped up two great weeks on the North Shore of Oahu surfing the seven-mile miracle from sun-up to sun-down each day.

As always, Hawaii provided powerful waves that challenged some of the most elite young surfers from all over the east coast. The All-Stars made the trip to Hawaii with fellow team members and experienced mentors who guided them along the way.

Each All-Star had an opportunity to be coached by expert Pipeline surfer, and north shore lifeguard, Tamayo Perry and his wife, Emilia.

“It was a pleasure and an awesome personal experience getting to work with and coach this new batch of east coast groms,” Perry said. “If these kids keep up their eagerness and hard work, they will all go a long way in the surfing world.”

Chase Lieder getting barreled at Pipe. PC: Craig Lieder

Junior All-Star Chase Lieder said, “Tamayo is an ambassador of Aloha. I was stoked to surf Pipeline as I got a few of the best barrels of my life!”

Katelyn Sewell said, “I gained so much confidence in surfing bigger waves as I was pushed hard, but not to the point where I was uncomfortable.”

“Training with Tamayo gave us a lot of useful information about everything. He is critical in a way that teaches you because he is so knowledgeable,” added Logan Coluccio.

The ESA All-Star Team creates a team within an individualized sport. Team members compete against one another in many surfing events, however, when they travel and learn together, they form friendships that last a lifetime.

“It’s great these young surfers are making memories together, and sharing these experiences as a group,” said Michelle Sommers, ESA’s executive director. “The team mentors did a fantastic job making sure everyone had a great time while keeping a watchful eye, providing transportation, taking lots of photos and running a household with meals and laundry.”

Along with plenty of surfing, the team members were invited to tour the famous Volcom House, grabbed some souvenirs from Liam McNamara at North Shore Surf Shop and indulged in plenty of Ted’s Bakery pies and local acai bowls.

Making memories with new friends. PC: Jason Motes

Jason Motes, the All-Star Team’s coach said, “The trip was an incredible bonding time for me to get to know the All-Stars in some of the best waves in the world. These kids were charging big Sunset and challenging Pipeline. I’m so proud of all these young surfers.”

Mentor Samantha Newkirk adds, “It was incredible to go from being intimidated while paddling out, to thinking the same waves were too small at the end of the week!”

Special thanks to ESA All-Star Team sponsor Rip Curl, Tamayo and Emilia Perry, and the ESA All-Star team coach and mentors who volunteered their time to make this a great trip:

  • Coach Jason Motes
  • Krissy Torelli
  • Lenny Nichols
  • Pamela Hill
  • Jesse McCrery
  • Kainalu Nichols
  • Samantha Newkirk

Shoots Media was on hand to capture photos along with incredible video footage. Look for the recap video to be posted soon, as well as Eastern Surf Magazine‘s photo feature of the trip next week! Be sure to follow @ESA_ALLSTARS on Instagram and Facebook!

Tamayo Perry, ESA All-Star coach & mentors, and the girls from the trip to Hawaii. PC: Shoots Media

ESA All-Star Team coach Jason Motes. PC: Krissy Torelli

Mentor Kainalu Nichols PC: Lenny Nichols

Boys touring the Volcom house PC: Krissy Torelli

Mentor, and former All-Star, Jesse McCrery showing the younger ones how it’s done PC: Krissy Torelli

Ladies preparing to head out at Pipe with Coach Jason Motes & mentor Jesse McCrery. PC: Krissy Torelli

ESA All-Star team mentors

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