ESA All-Stars Represent Strong in Hawaii

ESA All-Star boys prepare for a session at Rockies (L to R: Landon Wood, Mentor Josh Motes, Mason Mott, Kai Sommers, Nic Gardella) Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis

The Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) All-Star Team members just wrapped up another annual Hawaii training trip on the North Shore of Oahu working with some the best surf coaches in the world, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

“We weren’t sure if we would be able to pull it off with everything related to covid,” said ESA executive director Michelle Sommers.  “It was a lot to make it happen but we are thrilled that we were able to get these kids out to the epicenter of surfing.”

The trip was scaled down for fewer team members to attend, and some activities had to be canceled this year, but the ESA All-Stars surfed the world’s best waves and proved that our East Coast talent is strong and willing to take in as much as they can learn in a short period of time.

L to R: Shane Beschen, Audrey Iglay, Abigail Remke, Chloe Wienert, Carly Coble, Grace Knoechel, Erin Brooks, Kiley Kiser, Lanea Mons, Coach Motes, Mentor Josh Motes, Krissy Torelli, Chris Mons. Not pictured – Emma Binder, Krista-Grace Hammel. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis

Tamayo Perry worked with the boys at Pipeline and Rockies, and took the girls out at Sunset pushing them against what they thought was possible.  Shane Beschen shared his valuable insight on competition strategy and surfing techniques with team members.  Coach Chris Gallagher taught the team technical surfing skills and useful information that they may never get from anyone else at that level.

“Always a great time working with any kids, but East Coast kids have a different stoke and fire that is infectious,” said Gallagher, who currently works with Jordy Smith and Carissa Moore, and coached CJ and Damien Hobgood.  “I saw great improvement in just a few days and have no doubt they will continue the work and take their surfing to new levels in the coming months.”

Along with plenty of surfing, the ESA All-Stars hiked, visited the famous North Shore food trucks, had a tour of the Rip Curl house and surfed with a few famous surfers, including John John Florence and Jordy Smith.

Friendships were formed that will last a lifetime, and lots of experiences will be talked about for years to come, including several team members’ meeting with Kelly Slater.

“The purpose of the ESA All-Star Team is to create a team environment within an individual sport,” said Sommers.  “While these kids may be competitors with one another in the water during contests, it’s nice to know there is an entire team on the beach supporting them and a coach who has their back at all times.”

L to R (back): Kainalu Nichols, Landon Wood, Zach Starr, Mason Mott, Kai Sommers, Shane Beschen, Mentor Josh Motes, Ty Jansen, Will Forrest, Gunner Snead, Nic Gardella (front): DC Lewis, Athan Robinson, Mako Musilunas, Coach Motes. Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis

“Anyone who knows me, and my passion for this All-Star team coaching job, knows that I want to help each member reach their dreams of becoming professional surfers,” adds Motes.  “However, the bonds and relationships that these kids make while out here mean even more to me than anything.”

The daily surf coaching and multiple water sessions were photographed and filmed by ESA All-Star “team mom” Krissy Torelli, Terry Reis from Surf Shooter Hawaii and Emilia Perry.  Links and photos can be viewed on the ESA All-Stars Facebook and Instagram.

Vimeo & Photo Gallery Links from Surf Shooter Hawaii:
Boys –
Boys Photo Gallery
Girls –
Girls Photo Gallery 

Coach Jason Motes – “These kids mean the world to me, and as I’m sitting here on this plane heading home thinking of all the fun we had, its been an incredible journey for me personally. Photo: Krissy Torelli

Lanea Mons – “I had so much fun surfing in Hawai’i with all of the awesome ESA All Star girls, and I learned so much from all the amazing coaches.” Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis

Kai Sommers – “Best surfing trip I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to see the crew again next year!” Photo: Krissy Torelli

Audrey Iglay – “My favorite week of the year –  Thank you ESA and everyone involved in making the All-Star Hawaii 2021 trip so much fun.” Photo: Krissy Torelli

Abigail Remke – “This year was one of the best trips! The waves were so much fun, the coaching was very good, the stoke was high and the vibes were amazing. I’m so proud to be part of this team! Thank you to everyone who helped make this trip so successful!” Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis

Landon Wood – “Hawaii 2021 was amazing this year! I continue to learn, grow and strengthen my skills having the opportunity to train with such amazing coaches. I am proud to be an ESA All Star and grateful for the opportunity. ‘Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.’” Photo: Krissy Torelli

Mason Mott – “I find this photo to be one of my favorites because my frontside carve was something I was able to put a lot of time and focus into while out on the North Shore. Between the variety of world class waves we get the opportunity to surf, it grants us the chance to really improve our technique while still having a great time surfing with our friends.” Photo: Krissy Torelli

Grace Knoechel – “Best trip of my life!! Thank u so much ESA for making it happen!!” Photo: Surf Shooter Hawaii/Terry Reis

Emma Binder – “ This was one of the best surfing trips by far. I had the time of my life with some of the best people and coaches; ever. I made so many amazing memories and friends, and can’t wait to go back next year. Thank you ESA!” Photo: Krissy Torelli

Carly Coble – “Not only does this life changing trip allow you to make long-lasting friendships, but it helps you gain confidence and knowledge about the sport we all share a common passion for.” Photo: Krissy Torelli

Will Forrest – “I had the best time in Hawaii surfing with all my friends at the best waves in the world.” Photo: Krissy Torelli

Kiley Kiser – “Being able to attend the all star trip to Hawaii not only made me a completely different surfer but it also allowed me to meet an amazing group of people who I will remember forever – thank you!” Photo: Krissy Torelli

Athan Robertson – “This surf trip was so much fun! Thank you ESA for such an awesome opportunity to surf the best waves in the world and work with some of the best coaches too. I’ll remember this experience forever!” Photo: Chris Robertson

Mako Musilunas – “The ESA trip was epic. Pipeline was super fun to surf. Thank you to Coach Motes for putting us on some fun waves.” Photo: Ola Jackson

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