ESA Presents 2019 Surfer Dudes Sportsmanship Award

ESA All-Star Tucker Collins was presented with the ESA’s 2019 Surfer Dudes Sportsmanship Award.

The Eastern Surfing Association (ESA), along with Surfer Dudes® – Just Surf!, are excited to present the ESA’s 2019 Surfer Dudes Sportsmanship Award to ESA All-Star Tucker Collins. This award was designated for an ESA competitor who made a tremendous impact throughout the year at ESA’s local, regional and national events by being supportive of each event and its competitors. Collins was chosen from a list of potential winners by a committee of ESA district directors and event officials.

Candidates were chosen by ESA district directors based on their event participation, volunteering, attitude and overall support they offered to the organization. ESA presenting sponsor Surfer Dudes® had the idea and wanted to offer a brand new surfboard for whoever was awarded this special designation.

“Surfer Dudes® was thrilled about offering ESA’s first annual Sportsmanship Award,” said Surfer Dudes® COO Jordan Reardon. “Throughout our sponsorship, we have seen so many incredible demonstrations of sportsmanship among all ESA competitors, so we know that Tucker must have had to stand out above all others.”

Collins surfing in one of his three finals at the ESA’s 2019 Easterns Surfing Championships at Jennette’s Pier. Photo: MEZ/ESM

Collins has been an ESA All-Star for several years and surfs in the ESA’s Southern New Jersey District. Incredibly, he surfed his way into three finals at this year’s Easterns® Surfing Championship at Jennette’s Pier. Tucker is very supportive of other surfers and isn’t afraid of hard work. Following the final heat of Easterns®, Tucker instantly began helping the breakdown crew and carried tents off the beach.

“I’m really stoked to be honored in this way, especially by a sponsor like Surfer Dudes®,” said Collins. “Their surf toys are seriously fun to play with and the board they awarded is super-cool!”

“This is a great opportunity to not just reward surfing, but good character as well,” said ESA’s Southern New Jersey district co-director Lisa Roselli. “Tucker never has an unkind thing to say about anybody. He’s super mellow, and very well-liked by everyone who knows him. Oh, and he rips too!”

ESA All-Star coach Jason Motes agreed that Collins deserved to receive the Surfer Dudes® Sportsmanship Award.

“Tucker doesn’t let a bad heat get him down,” said Motes. “He just moves on to the next challenge, keeps going forward and doesn’t look back or dwell on mistakes. That is the mark of a good surfer, as well as an ESA All-Star.”

Based on Collins’ results at the ESA’s 2019 Easterns® Surfing Championship, he has been awarded an ESA-sponsored slot into an upcoming World Surf League (WSL) Qualifying Series or Pro Junior event.

“The ESA is proud to have Tucker Collins representing the organization,” added Motes. “We cannot wait to see what he has to offer East Coast surfing in 2020.”

Tucker being chaired up the beach after he won the Open Shortboard Division at ESA’s 2019 Northeast Regional Surfing Championship in Belmar, NJ. Photo: MEZ/ESM

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