ESA’s 2017 Easterns Surfing Championships presented by The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau kicked off Sunday

September 18, 2017 – The Eastern Surfing Association’s 2017 Easterns® Surfing Championships began on Sunday at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head, North Carolina. Hurricane Jose provided competitors with building swell and stiff winds throughout the day that proved once again why the Outer Banks is one of the east coast’s premier surf locations.

Several of Sunday’s finalists with their awards. Photo: Mez/ESM

ESA officials decided to run Monday’s schedule concurrently with the heats that were already running on Sunday since the forecast for the earlier part of the week was not going to be contestable. There were two beaches running with two separate heats in the water at the same time. Overall, a total of 56 heats were run throughout the day.

“We wanted to provide our competitors the ability to surf their Easterns® heat and moving these heats to Sunday was the only way,” said Michelle Sommers, ESA’s executive director. “Many people were already here, paying for lodging and transportation, so we made sure they had a chance to compete in the championship event that they worked so hard to qualify for.”

While the conditions were less than ideal, competitors understood and were appreciative of the hard work that went into making it all happen. After all, it wouldn’t be an ESA Easterns® event without some kind of crazy weather.

Competitors prepare to brave the waves during a heat at Easterns. Photo: MEZ/ESM

“We always seem to experience extreme weather during Easterns®, but we know that we will be rewarded throughout the rest of the week with great conditions,” Sommers said. “We need wind to create waves and we always get waves here.”

Despite the windy conditions, Easterns® event sponsors were on the beach offering great deals on their products. Phunky apparel has commemorative sweatshirts and t-shirts for the ESA’s 50th year in 2017. Beach Gladiator provided samples of their must-have product to prevent rashes from surfing and other sports. Kitty Hawk Surf Company and Whalebone Surf Shop are offering discounts at their retail stores this week for ESA members. Zane’s of Carolina gave everyone samples in gift bags full of great things, while The Spot will bring their truck for folks to purchase acai bowls. Tropical Smoothie Cafe located in the Tanger Outlets in Nags Head provided lunch and smoothies for the officials, and Dunkin Donuts sent the perfect afternoon snack to keep everyone going.

The next call for the event will be Tuesday at 7am for a possible 9am start time. The results of Sunday’s divisions are now posted on ESA’s Easterns webpage, and listed below.

“Unsinkable” Mens


  1. Colin Anderson NFL
  2. Mason Burke NFL
  3. Jonathan Cahn NY
  4. Jamie Kelley SNE



  1. Eric Benton CFL
  2. Tyler Volpe VA
  3. Sean Rice VA
  4. Eric Knight SNC

Senior Men


  1. Jason Motes NFL
  2. Todd Youngblood SSC
  3. CJ Ilano NFL
  4. Shane Sebastiaon CFL



  1. Joseph Gillen OBNC
  2. Daniel Thompson SNC
  3. Craig Newkirk SNC
  4. William Austin CFL

Grand Legends

(60 & over, M/F)

  1. Edward Fawee NY
  2. Danny Cahn NY
  3. Archibald Morse SNC
  4. Tim Nixon CNC



  1. Samantha Newkirk SNC
  2. Rhiannon Scarpa SSC
  3. Jade Beasley FCFL
  4. Haley Watson NCFL


(35 & over)

  1. Lorraine Costa SNJ
  2. Jennifer Grottola SNJ
  3. Michelle Cox CNC
  4. Alicya Simmions CFL

Mens Longboard


  1. Jonathan Cahn NY
  2. Jamie Kelley SNE
  3. Josh Bradley CNC
  4. Kyle Sumer CNC

Masters Longboard


  1. Joshua Kistler
  2. Jason Motes NCFL
  3. Steve Spear SNC
  4. William Love SNC

Legends Longboard

(50 & over)

  1. Joseph Gillen OBNC
  2. Craig Newkirk SNC
  3. Joe Grottola SNJ
  4. Bill Miller CNC

Womens Longboard


  1. Samantha Newkirk SNC
  2. Kara Borzillo SNJ
  3. Nicole Nason SNC
  4. Aria Dilberto DMV

Ladies Longboard

(35 & over)

  1. Beth Schub CNC
  2. Jennifer Grottola SNJ
  3. Lorraine Costa SNJ
  4. Kim Romagnesi NY

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