All should turn toward Rhode Island and salute a great lady – Doris Couture on her 100th birthday!  If not for her the ESA would not exist as we know it.

For those born after the last ice age –  Doris is Doc Couture’s mom.

Doc was a one of a kind master of talent recognition and delegation. From the hordes of surfers in ESA he was able to figure out who among us was capable and willing to do certain jobs – and he somehow figured out how to get that crew to work together. He was the architect and the link.

When he died we were lost in space.

In spite of her bereavement, Doris was able to keep the ball rolling with memberships, banks, contacts, mail, finances – the works – for as long as it took us all to get back on our feet. It was an impossible job.

While doing the impossible, Doris (that’s Mrs. Couture to us mere mortals) wowed the crowd with her incredible dedication and strength – matched by one wicked sense of humor hiding behind that perfectly elegant and genteel New England presence.

She’s one of a kind and we are very lucky to have her – Happy Birthday Mrs C.  from the ESA 2015!!

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