ESA All-Stars

2014 ESA All-Star Team

2014 ESA All-Star Raffle Rules

All-Star Criteria

The process of selection to the ESA’s team is begun in June of each year. Each of the 26 directors has the opportunity to nominate individuals from their district that might possibly be a candidate for consideration to the team. It is an elite group and an athlete has to be on top of their game both in and out of the water to make the cut. Here are the definitions of criteria:

STYLE (how you are perceived, how you carry yourself, your put back to your district, your overall persona), ATTITUDE (your beach and water attitude, your reception to constructive criticism, your loyalty to the ESA must be prime) and PERFORMANCE (the accumulative results of 4 trials.

They, and the formulae used to give a Performance ratio are:

  • Season: Top 4 of their district season: 4 points, Champion bonus: 2 pts
  • Regional Championship contests: same as 2. Exception: Maximum point accumulation is 5 points. Champion bonus: 2 pts.
  • Eastern Surfing Championships (ESC {Mandatory Trial}: Same as 2. Exception: Maximum point accumulation for advancement points is 6 points. Champion bonus: 3 pts.

Once these trials results are in, you have your performance ratio.

The final team roster shall be comprised of the nominees who have the highest degree of all three criteria and the team for the following calendar year shall be presented during the awards ceremonies at each years ESC in both divisions (youth/travel team and adult/honorary divisions.

From the rules:  Prior to January 1st of each year, the All-Star director will announce the following positions on the team: Team Captain, (responsible for all team members on competition team), Female divisions Captain, Bodyboard Captain.

All members of the ESA All-Star team are contracted athletes of the ESA.

The team is an array of East Coast Champions, Regional Champions, East Coast Scholastic Champions and National Champions.

Former Proud members of this team include Kelly Slater, Ben Bourgeois, Chris Baiata, Jeremy Saukel, Sam Hammer, Brian Stoehr, Tyler Calloway (FCS), ESA Icon Eric Taylor (record 7 years!), Jamie DeWitt, Zander Morton, David Awbrey, and Todd Kinsey. The role call goes on and on. Once an All-Star, always one. The team is our pride and are the ambassadors of the world’s largest and most effective surfing organization.

For more about the ESA All-Star team, contact the All-Star Team Committee directly at