With a history of over forty years of success, ESA contests are organized at the grassroots, district level on a year round basis. Each district conducts four or more contests per year, and each year the ESA has over 150 competitions along the entire East Coast. From the local district level, top finishers are invited to advance to Region competitions (of which there are three; Southeast, Mid-Atlantic & Northeast).  The top finishers in those Regional championship events are invited to the The Easterns® which is held each September on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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Competition Documents

Surfing Divisions

Division breakdowns are based on the competitors’ age as of Jan 1, 2015 for the 2015 Competition Season & Championships

Menehunes (11 & Under, M/F)
Boys (12-14)
Junior Men (15-17)
Men (18-24)
Masters (25-34)
Senior Men (35-44)
Grand Masters (45-54)
Legends (55-64)
Grand Legends (65 & Over, M/F)

Girls (14 & Under)
Junior Women (15-17)
Women (18-29)
Ladies (30 & Over)

Longboard Divisions

Menehune Longboard (14 & Under, M/F)
Junior Longboard (15-17)
Mens Longboard (18-34)
Masters Longboard (35-49)
Legends Longboard (50 & Over)

Junior Womens Longboard (17 & Under)
Womens Longboard (18-34)
Ladies Longboard (35 & Over)

Bodyboard Divisions

Menehune Bodyboard (14 & Under, M/F)
Open Bodyboard (All Ages, M/F )

Open Division

Open Shortboard (All Ages, M/F )

Stand-Up Paddleboard Division

Open SUP (All Ages, M/F )